The Howling 2

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The type of people I hate the most are the people who are your friends one day, and then they will stab you in the back the next. It just goes to show you that people aren’t always what they seem to be, like being a werewolf, in the case of the 1985 release of Philippe Mora’s “The Howling 2”.


The dialogue is very average at best. As the film draws out, the dialogue gets boring and pointless. Written by Robert Sarno, whose only other writing credit is the 1995 release of the Robert Patrick film, “Decoy”.


The acting is decent. The fact that horror legend Christopher Lee, and mega hottie Sybil Danning star in it, add some good acting to this otherwise depleted cast.


The plot of the film is okay. Good to point out that there are connections to the original 1981 film, but those aren’t enough to help a really poorly written story. Things seemed rushed and not in the right spots. This could have been a great sequel but poor writing, and directing denied that.


How many times can you play the same cheap 80s techno/rock song in a movie? That’s the only thing I remember hearing throughout the entire film. Played a good 4-5 times, it was catchy at first but then got old fast.


Overall this is an awful film. Had a few good moments, but bad directing, acting, and story turned this promising series into a poor excuse for a film.

1.5/5 Reels
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(Rent only if you dare!)


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