Valentine’s Day Special

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It’s that special day where relationships are born, broken, and even never exist! Whatever your relationship status is, there are some great cinematic love stories to be enjoyed if you find yourself in front of your DVD cabinet.

SquidFlicks is serving up a Valentine’s Day Special for ya – 5 great tales of love and loss to celebrate the day!

Love Lost:

My Bloody Valentine

If you have had a rough Valentine’s Day, just watch this movie and you’ll realize it could’ve been much worse. I’d rather not get a pickaxe in my head on Valentine’s Day, but hey, to each his own, right?

Love Gained:

The Ringer

Pretty topical for a recent review, this movie shows that love happens in the most unlikely of places, and teaches us all that anyone can become a great friend if you take the time to be with them.

Love Lost and Found Again:

Joe Dirt

When an unusual man meets the girl of his dreams, he leaves her to pursue his long lost parents. He realizes after he meets his parents that he won’t ever be happy without her, and tells his story to the world in order to find her.

Dysfunctional Love:

Dan in Real Life

If you’re not sure where your relationships lie, then this is the movie for you. Dan has been mourning the loss of his wife, but that changes at his family reunion, where he finds his dream girl. Only problem is that it’s his brother’s girlfriend.

Strange Love:

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

When two guys fake a domestic partnership to gain insurance benefits and keep their jobs, they begin to change the way they feel about marriage rights and the right to be happy.

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