Bedtime Stories

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Adam Sandler is funny. Granted, we all know this, and I’m sure most people have seen at least one of his movies. Bedtime Stories, however, is a bit different from his other films, in that it’s a children’s movie. It’s also Sandler’s first movie with Walt Disney Co.

At first, the movie starts out loud. Not audio loud, but loud in the sense that you get the whole background of the story in approximately 5 minutes. For me, it was pretty easy to keep up, but this movie was meant for kids, and the quickness probably wasn’t too fun for them.


When Sandler’s character first made an appearance in dialogue, the theater erupted in laughs. His witty yet charming humor was a relief from the bland, rushed opening, and even the younger members of the audience laughed. However, in later scenes, you could tell he was a bit suppressed. A look of "I really wish I could crack a joke here, but I’ve gotta keep it appropriate" plastered across his face didn’t help much.


As for the overall plot of the movie, it’s very entertaining. Sandler’s character, Skeeter, has to babysit his niece and nephew for a week, while their mother travels to Arizona to look for a job. Each night he tells them a bedtime story, but the kicker is, the next day, parts of the story that the children input actually happen. For example, Patrick (nephew), says that it should "rain gumballs" in the first story. The next day, Skeeter stops his truck, and it starts raining gumballs on him. This adds a really unique twist to the movie, but you’ll have to go see it to find out the rest!

The special effects of Bedtime Stories are what is expected from a Disney film – nothing short of great. The stories are actually told visually, and the costumes, makeup, and overall set design is brilliant.


In conclusion, if you’re seeing this film for Adam Sandler, you won’t be disappointed, despite the marketing towards kids. Also, if you’re looking for a film to see with your kids or younger siblings, this movie is a must-see.

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