SquidFlicks Reel Talk: Yule Die

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As a Christmas special and premiere episode for the new series, SquidFlicks Reel Talk, we interview and talk about an Independent Christmas Horror film, Yule Die, with director Seth Middleton and actor Derek Bradley. With some extra antics mixed in, this is a great way to end 2008 and start another great SquidFlicks adventure!

The film can be purchased via this site: http://www.indieflix.com/Films/YULEDIE

Yule Die Official Trailer!

SquidFlicks Reel Talk Episode 1:


This was a great opportunity to learn more about film creation from a fellow independent director, and I am glad that they accepted our offer to be interviewed for the premiere episode of Reel Talk!

If you haven’t seen the movie, I strongly recommend that you do!

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