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This is a guest review from jdog, aka Jason Beckman. Thanks for the submission Jason!

Writer/Director: Larry Cohen
Actors: Micheal Moriarty- David ‘Mo’ Rutherford
          Andrea Marcovicci- Nicole
          Garrett Morris- Chocolate Chip Charlie
          Paul Sarvino- Colonel Malcolm Spears
          Scott Bloom- Jason
Release date: June 14, 1985
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi/Comedy
Tag Line: Are you eating it… or is it eating you?


The film I have reviewed is one of my favorites from my youth. This is a super fun movie for fans of 80’s camp and cheese, and can even be considered a cult favorite by some.
Sure, this movie maybe doesn’t stand up as well as some movies from the 80’s, and the effects are a little dated, but I still feel that this movie delivers on many levels and is a must see for all horror fans and fans of the 80’s cheese flick.


A couple of miners discover a weird white goo bubbling from a hole in the ground. For some reason, one of them tastes it and finds that it tastes great. They decide to market it to the public, and this new product known as "the stuff" is an instant hit with consumers, quickly becoming the most popular desert available. Worried that their livelihood may be threatened, a group of the leading ice cream producers hire industrial saboteur "David ‘Mo’ Rutherford" to find out the secret recipe and keep the world safe for ice cream. 

Teamed with fallen cookie entrepreneur "Chocolate Chip Charlie" , "Nicole", the woman behind the marketing campaign for ‘The Stuff’, a young runaway named "Jason", and the help of a group of militants, they uncover that those that eat the stuff are turned into mind controlled zombies. Can this unlikely group stop the spread of this deadly dessert or is it too late?


  • The scene in the motel room where "The Stuff" comes out of the bed and attacks the man against the wall was shot in a room that could be turned upside down, which allowed "The Stuff" move up and down the walls.
  • This motel room was the exact same room used in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) when Johnny Depp’s character ‘Glen’ gets sucked into the bed and his blood sprays all over the ceiling.
  • Writer/ Director Larry Cohen originally wanted to cast Arsenio Hall as "Chocolate Chip Charlie" after seeing him in Coming to America, but the big-wigs at New World Pictures wanted someone more recognizable and cast Garret Morris instead.


Overall I think that this is a fun movie that you don’t have to think much about; just sit back and enjoy! I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to give it a watch. jdog recommended!  

3.5/5 Reels
Squid Rating
Give it a try!



The Stuff

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