Bee Movie

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Bee Movie


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is Barry Benson, a new worker bee who wants to be more than that – he wants to be a Pollen Jockey, which is one of the elite bees that get to leave the hive in search of bringing pollen back to the hive. When he does, he discovers a whole new world outside the hive, and makes both friends and enemies in the process. In the end, he helps to teach all of us how important all creatures are for the survival of the Earth.


The dialogue in the movie was top notch. Bee movie’s star cast was well-chosen and fit the characters in the movie perfectly. There were many jokes and other quips throughout the film that were quite funny as well.


As far as acting goes, this was a CG (Computer Generated) movie, so the ‘characters’ were designed very nicely, and their actions replicated what emotions and lines the voice overs reflected.


The plot of Bee Movie was excellent. Not only because it is new and never been used before, but because it made sense and all came together nicely. It taught us how important it is not to mess up the balance of the Earth, because it can have costly repercussions.


Excellent. The music helped to complete the mood of the scenes in Bee Movie. The sound effects were also funny and good descriptions of bee’s sounds in the hive (if they had modern cities like us!)


This is a great movie. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Seinfeld or unique and original movies. This was truly a treat to watch over Thanksgiving!

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