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Hey Guys! I just wanted to say hey, and give y’all an detailed update with what all is going on. I want to apologize for not writing a review in FOREVER. I know that they haven’t been coming out fast as they should, and in the numbers that they used to be. Hopefully in 09 we can get on the ball with that.

Shelby and I have been running like chickens with their heads cut off here lately trying to get rolling on "Urban Nights," and trying to maintain a happy medium with SquidFlicks. I have a great slew of ideas for videos for SquidFlicks in 2009, but keep the word down on that until the New Years post.

What I can talk about is what we have in store for Christmas this year. In November, me and Shelby agreed to try and have a "Silent Night, Deadly Night" movie marathon for Christmas, but time got the best of us and we had to scrap that till next year. As mentioned in the previous post, we filmed a video special the other night with Seth Middleton and Derek Bradley; The Christmas Edition of SquidFlicks Reel 2 Reel, will be up, and we talked about "Yule Die" with the actor and director. Christmas-themed reviews, and a short Christmas Special film will all be up in the next few days. I hope that you enjoy the Holiday season with your favorite movie review site, SquidFlicks.com!

Peace, Love, Blame Eli Roth

-Patrick F.

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