Michael Crichton, Age 66, Deceased

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Wow. Another enormous loss for the entire media world came today after news of famous Science Fiction author Michael Crichton had passed away at the age of 66 in Los Angles.

Crichton was a phenomenal author, and is best known for writing Jurassic Park, a worldwide best-seller and one of the most grossing movies in recent time. Also in his resume are: creating the hit TV series ER and writing The Andromeda Strain, which is an excellent book and movie in its own right.

He passed away on November 5, 2008 after a private battle with cancer. Family and friends told reporters that he was happy and went peacefully. Here’s to hoping he lives the sci-fi world he always shared with us in the afterlife! =)

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I have yet to feature Jurassic Park or The Andromeda Strain in reviews, but I have added them to the big list of reviews-to-be-made!

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