SquidFlicks Movie Marathon 1 – Nightmare on Elm Street Series

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After weeks of delay and problems, the very first episode of the SquidFlicks Movie Marathon series is complete and open for comments and viewing.

Press Release:

A new online video series that features popular movie series being reviewed in a group setting has debuted from SquidFlicks, a small movie review web site. The video series has long been in the works and has finally been published after weeks of promotion and work.

The first episode features the popular horror series A Nightmare on Elm Street, and features commentary from the group of five reviewers on all eight of the series’ titles.


See the video, and leave comments if you’d like!

I know we have have a lot of things to improve upon, but the only real problem we had was the AC current ‘buzz’ in the audio of the first of the marathon. In the future, all electronic devices will be moved away from the camera and mic cables.


More Information:

OSS Official Movie Page: http://www.osquid.com/content/videos/completed-movies/squidflicks-movie-marathon-1-nightmare-on-elm-street-series/

SquidFlicks Official Post: http://www.squidflicks.com/productions/squidflicks-movie-marathon-1-nightmare-on-elm-street-series/

Viddler.com: http://www.viddler.com/explore/osquid/videos/2/

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  1. I think jeff and jack are gay with each other. im being serious too. Ricky seemed like the only one of u who wasn’t a complete douche even tho he is wrong about part 2 being better than 1. btw shelby is a girls name. peace dudes.

  2. Brandon, I believe that the microphone recorded the audio in mono and not stereo format. I just checked it out myself and that seems to be the case. Although you can still hear the audio fine, I will make sure that we record in stereo next time.

    Thanks for pointing that out – I would never have noticed it! 🙂

  3. Only problem I had was that all dialogue came through my left speaker only, but title music came through both.

    Otherwise, great job!

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