The Return Review

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SquidFlicks has been around for 14 years now – and over 250 movies have been reviewed in that span. Of course, our frequency of posting has waned in recent years, but under SPF Entertainment, I am attempting to revitalize the movie reviewing component of the media empire.

Last weekend, I watched Sinister for the first time since Patrick and I initially saw it in theaters and filmed a video review back in 2011. With a fresh viewing and 10 years behind my initial thoughts, I saw an opportunity to create a new category of content for the archives – “Return Reviews” where we revisit past reviewed films and offer an updated opinion. There are lot of movies that we loved or hated over the years that now will be getting another pass in order to see if our reviews were accurate or not. After all, we always intended for SquidFlicks to serve as “Your Guide to Great Movies”, so this is a continuation of our decades long mission. It is a labor of love, SquidFlickians!

I’ll be starting with Sinister, but the list is almost as long as my infamous unfinished review list… make sure you are subscribed to our RSS feed to get the latest posts and reviews as they are published!

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