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A monster that lures kids into it’s reach and kills them inhabits the sewers and terrorizes the small town of Derry. After a group of misfits become unlikely friends fight off their first nemesis, neighborhood bully Henry Bowers, they make a plan to stop IT before it takes another life. They vow to return to finish the job if IT is still alive

After 30 years, IT does return, and it’s up to the ‘Lucky Seven’ to end IT’s reign forever!


Very well, held the movie at a good pace even though the movie was quite long. It helped to inform the viewer about each of the characters and what they were like during their troubled childhoods.


The acting in IT was very well done. Tim Curry, who played as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka IT, was a convincing and (at times) very funny role in the movie. Other famous actors like John Ritter and a young Seth Green helped to make this movie a memorable experience.

Even though there were some cheesy special effects, they were still pretty good for a movie made in the early days of computer graphics (1990)


If you did not already know, IT is another terrifying novel by horror author Stephen King. IT is one of the few great films that have been adapted from their novel counterparts.  I personally have not read the book, but I know several people that have, and they wholeheartedly recommend reading it. This movie had a great and original plot that kept you interested in what was going on all the time!


Perfect. It helped to make you feel just as scared as the actors! Every time Pennywise appeared, the creepy carnival music would play, and it would literally send chills down your spine.


I would definitely recommend this movie to any horror or Stephen King fan. With it low price today, I would also recommend buying it, but you wont have any problems finding it in any video rental store!

There were some slight hiccups in the movie, but it was still very solid overall.

4.5/5 Reels
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