Blade Runner Sequel confirmed by Ridley Scott

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Director Ridley Scott (creator of the Alien franchise, duh) recently dropped some details on the long awaited follow up to Blade Runner, stating that the sequel would take place about 30 years after the first movie, placing it around the year 2050. Ryan Gosling is the purported young lead and Harrison Ford will reprise his role from the first film in some capacity.

It’s a surprising info dump from the director, but he has been on a press blitz lately – his latest film, The Martian, adapted from the Sci-Fi novel of the same name, hits theaters this weekend and he has divulged that the sequels to 2012’s Prometheus will indeed tie into the Alien movie universe (a canon confirmation all Alien fans have been waiting for!).

I’m stoked, but I think we are still a while away from seeing this on the big screen. Here’s to hoping we get to see something by the end of our year 2017. Savvy film watchers will remember that the first story takes place in the year 2016 in a future that ended up slightly different than the one imagined in 1982.

What do you think? Were you a fan of the first film? How will the end of the first reconcile with the time shift between movies? ANSWER ME, SMARTIES!


Get a refresher of the classic original film starring Harrison Ford:

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