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I R Gud Writer
I R Gud Writer

Hey SquidFlicks,

It’s the boss man. I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your support over the past 7 (!!!!) years. That’s an incredibly long time for a website to be around. Because SquidFlicks is older than internet dirt, the site has inevitably changed over the years. One change that I am particularly proud of is the increased quality and depth of reviews over the past three years versus the previous four. I myself know that I have grown as a writer and analytical thinker, as have many of our other contributors.

While I know content has waned in the past thanks to real life taking precedence (as it should), this site will live on. I am making a concerted effort to finish unfinished content, produce some fresher reviews, and I am embarking on a new initiative for the site – an overhaul and cleanup of existing content. There are over 500 posts on the site, spanning 7 years and in a variety of qualities.

I’d love help with this project. Currently, these are the most pressing site issues:

  • Design overhaul
  • Possible Category revisions/consolidation
  • Duplicate tag removal
  • Introduction of a ‘review’ custom post type
    • This feature will allow for additional content to be easily introduced during the review writing process – reviews can be searched with custom sets of ‘tags’ like production studio, release year, actors, SquidFlicks rating, and more.
  • Promotional graphics
  • Revision and expansion of previous reviews
  • Checking for broken links
  • Replacement of missing images from the pre-2012 posts
  • Reinstatement of the Amazon rental/purchase links on movies
  • Growth of comment section/article discussion
  • Replacement of missing trailers on reviews and previews

Of course, I am always open to suggestions. What would you like to see changed? This will not be a speedy process, but I am committed to bringing about the changes to allow SquidFlicks to fulfill its mission of being YOUR Guide to Great Movies.

As Marty Huggins of The Campaign stated: “Bring your brooms; It’s a mess!”

Your loving CEO,

Shelby Jones


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