The Lost Boys:The Tribe

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“The Next Chapter…Of the Cult Phenomenon” thats what is said in the trailer to the 2008 straight to DVD release of P.J. Pesce’s “The Lost Boys:The Tribe.” The twenty year in the making sequel to the cult classic 1987 film, “The Lost Boys.” Personally I’ve been keeping up with this film since i heard about it last October, and i was thrilled when I was able to buy my own copy of the DVD this past Tuesday.


Written by Hans Rodionoff (Man-Thing) the dialogue in this film is average at best. At times it’s cleverly written, while at others it makes you cringe down in your cough. I mostly did this with two of Corey Feldman’s lines, “Who Ordered the Stakes”, and “Pop goes the weasel ” i just felt they were too cheesy at those times. I would have rather had a more dramatic ending, dialogue wise, but overall like  i said it was decent.


Lead by Tad Hilgenbrink (American Pie Presents: Band Camp), and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) the cast in the film, in my eyes, did a great job. I believe Tad was a little surprise for everybody, as he played a every good main character. Angus Sutherland, Half Brother to Kiefer Sutherland, plays the David type character from the original, Shane. To me he pulled this role off extremely well and I believe he did every bit as good of a job as Kiefer did. Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog, and did a fantastic job returning to the role he made famous 20 years back. Corey Haim IS in the film, but you have to wait until after the cast credits have rolled to see him, the cameo is a very interesting one.


The plot centers around Chris and Nicole Emerson (The kids of Michael and Star) as the move in with their aunt who lives in a town called, Luna Bay. Nicole falls for Shane, who turns out to be the head vampire, and the film revolves around Chris teaming with Edgar to try to get back his sister, and kill the bloodsuckers. Now i thought the plot was good, did it feature some similarities to the original?, yes, but was it a cutout copy?, no. Another thing people point out is “Why is there only one Frog Brother?”, Edgar keeps referring back to how he knows what it is like to lose a family member to the other side, so i assume Alan has become a vampire. To me the film did not dip a whole lot, it stayed pretty solid throughout. Also just to let everybody know to wait and watch past the cast credits at the end for a big plot twist that would lead to a killer 3rd film.


Well except for a killer cover version of “Cry Little Sister” by Adien, the music lacks big time. There is some present which helps move things along fairly, but overall the music lags.


Overall this is a hell of a sequel, and a great stand alone film as well. Thats one of the problems I’ve had while reading reviews this week, alot of the older fans (not hating on them) i think don’t like it because of the feel. To me “The Lost Boys” was a great 80s film, it had 80s feel, and 80s theme to it. I think “The Tribe” has a great feel and look of modern times, and looks alot like of what you see today. Now I’m gonna say i’m HOPING they make a 3rd part that is hinted in this film, I know it’d be killer based on what we saw with Corey Haim 30 sec. scene. All in all i think it’s one you should def. own, it will be own of the better straight to DVD films ever made.

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