The Lost Boys: The Tribe

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This was a guest review submitted by Jeffrey Rule. Thanks Jeffrey! You can submit your own reviews to SquidFlicks here.

Lots of good tasting cheese! Corey Feldman is back again with more vampire killing and cheesy one-liners. He teams up again with his fellow “Frog Brother”(who happens to be a bloodsucker) to attempt and take down the Alpha Vamp. The Plot was quite good, but all to familiar. It has become popular to breed an army of vampires in this day and age. But with the Lost Boys style its much more unique.

Corey Feldmans acting is just as good as all of his movies. The serious intensity of his character makes his cheesy lines all the more badass. However, the cheese was much better delivered then in “lost boys the tribe”. Jaimson Newlander did a good job as well, playing Alan Frog, the vampire brother of Edgar Frog, the vampire hunter. As for the rest of the acting, it was pretty good but not the best ever. Id say for the lesser roles, acting was better in the second movie. But does not come close to the original.

A decent soundtrack for a Vampire Movie. The “cry little sister” song stuck out the most. It had the real vampire feel to it. It made me get chills. As of the rest of the movie the music did not stand out to much to me. Blended well, but didnt interest.

My conclusion to “lost boys the thirst”, is that it was a real step up from “the tribe” though i feel the plot to “the tribe” was better, it was trying to fit in to the other movies that were coming out at the time. The plot was slightly lesser in “the thirst” however it delivered more. I did enjoy that it brought more aspects from the orignal back into play, such as the other frog brother and the flashbacks to the first of the series. The only thing i want in this series, is to watch them on the big screen.

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