Body Bags

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One of my biggest fears is death. Untimely death, of course, but death itself is a terrible thing, and to know that I won’t be here someday is hard to swallow. I must say however, I will embrace death more openly if I know I would be able to hang out with my favorite director, John Carpenter, like the lucky stiffs in the 1993 release of John Carpenter’s “Body Bags.”


Written by Billy Brown & Dan Angel (Animorphs) the dialogue was very entertaining and never got boring. The funny little puns, actually made you laugh instead of slapping you in the face with it’s cheesiness. From comical dialogue in Hair to serious/ intense dialogue in The Eye, this is a well scripted film, done by two people who knew what they were doing.


Some could say this is a copy of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, but to me it isn’t. This is along the same lines with the host and all, but not a copy. The wraparound has John Carpenter playing a coroner who shares with us, the tales or victims who are in body bags. The first segment, The Gas Station, Built heavily on isolation, out in the middle of nowhere with a possible manic on the loose, would get anybody acting a little antsy. The second segment, Hair, deals with a man who only wants lots and lots of hair, and basically discovers that he got what he wanted but at a price. The third segment, The Eye, is my favorite of the film. It’s sort of like a play on of the tale where the man gets the killers hand. It’s intense and very entertaining till the shocking end. The wraparounds provide a great transition into the segment, and John really had some great puns as well.


The acting in this was pretty solid. Loaded with an all-star cast that includes John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Mark Hamill, Stacy Keach, just to name a few, helped this film be a great anthology. To me however, Mark Hamill’s performance in The Eye was as good as it gets. There are just so many icons of the horror, scifi, and action genre here that’s its easy to miss few if you only watch it once.


The music in the film is amazing. John Carpenter, this time with Jim Lang, composed another excellent film. I loved it so much I went out and bought the soundtrack and I’m SO glad I did. The Coroner’s theme is the best off the soundtrack. The music really helped with explaining what emotions were being felt in each scene, and also helped pace the film along in a good way.


Overall this film is a classic in my eyes. One of the better anthologies to be made, like Creepshow, its one of my all time favorites. Recently Dan Angel and Billy Brown said how they would like to do a series or another film with Body Bags, only time will tell. This is a great film to watch on a Saturday night over a box of hot pizza. Check it out.

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