The Ruins

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Countries have to have taken a beating from a decline of tourism over the past five or six years. With all these films depicting awful incidents happening in popular vacation spots, its no wonder this has happened. Films like “Ritual”, “Hostel”, and “Turistas” are all films which will make you want to stay a little closer to home come next vacation time. Mexico is the latest location to be attacked by this type of film, in the 2008 release of Carter Smith’s “The Ruins.”


The script was written by Scott B. Smith, who also penned the novel as well, and the dialogue was sub par. It got boring listening to Jeff say over and over again, that “we have to stay here or they will kill us.” Well why not climb down the other side of the ruins? The constant screaming got old very fast and the whole thing was a huge mess in my eyes.


Jonathan Tucker (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Virgin Suicides) and Jena Malone (Saved!) lead a cast of mainly not so noticeable names who above average perfomances at best. Sadly to say this was one of the better things of this film, the acting. The gave believeable performances that helped pace a otherwise awful film.


The Plot of The Ruins is very shocking if you haven’t read the book, and have only seen the trailer. It’s not what you think it’s gonna be, what looks like a candidate for possible best horror film of the year turn out to be a major flop. After you know what is going on you really are just left to think “thats what they are complaining about?.” This film was a adaptation of a novel by Scott B. Smith, with the same title, and it probably was a good adaptation of the book, but suck as a standalone.


The music wasn’t anything really mesmerizing, just basic horror music to help try to sell some of these awful scenes, but big surprise work to no prevail.


Overall, to me, this is easily one of the worst films of the year thus far. Kinda on the same levels as the much hyped “Captivity” of 2007. What really killed this movie was the pacing. Just slow pacing with any buildup once so over was the death of the one. I did enjoy the special effects though, it actually kept me from leaving the movie earlier.

.1/5 Stars

Dead Squid Rating

Don’t even think about seeing this one!!!



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