St. Patty’s Day 2012 (LATE!)

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Well, if the Mayans are correct (which is highly unlikely), this is the final St. Patrick’s Day we will ever  see! SquidFlicks has always taken St. Patty’s Day seriously – perhaps a bit too seriously! Even though we don’t have any new hilarity for the holiday, I would like to highlight some of the fun we’ve had in the past. Memories are priceless, and you should be ‘green’ with envy after experiencing this flashback!

Stick to the green beer - I wouldn't dip any of the Chicago River in my glass!

Now, to start things off I think it would be best to travel all the way back to 2008, when the first SquidFlicks St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated. We decided to dedicate the first SF St. Patrick’s Day to the famous Leprechaun horror movie series, and the celebration came with the posting of reviews of the four movies in the series. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but it was the start of a tradition for SquidFlicks. We would up the ante the next year!

We do need to add a review for the ever-classic Leprechaun 5, which placed our favorite murderous Irishman in da hood!

Leprechaun Series Movie Reviews

From 2009 on, we really got crazy. It started with a simple special guest article from Tim Gross, who was the first of several celebrity guests that Patrick would reel in for SquidFlicks! That’s SHOWBUSINESS BABY!

We also conducted an interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith, who directed Leprechaun:

There was also a Leprechaun Movie Marathon (which is part of the soon-coming Lost Tapes archive), and in the obligatory boredom that ensues from watching 12 hours of horror films back-to-back, the 3-annual Capri Sun Challenge was born:

There was also the St. Patrick’s Day Bake-off:

Thanks to college and life in general, there was no St. Patrick’s Day love in 2011 from SquidFlicks. That’s why I worked hard to bring something to the table this Patty’s Day (even though I technically finished it late!)

Thanks for all the memories, SquidFlickians! I certainly raise my glass to new beginnings – aka finish my draft queue from hell!

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