Horton Hears a Who!

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Horton Hears a Who!


What do you get when you add an elephant, a tiny world comprised of a speck of dust, a giant fictitious jungle, and some zany animals? Well, one might say that you had entered the wonderful and strange mind of Dr. Seuss!

Horton the elephant is just another peaceful (and slightly strange) resident of a bizzare jungle, and Horton is quickly ousted for his odd behavior involving a speck that “is an entire world.”

Dialogue & Acting

Since this was a digital film, all the dialogue and acting were composed of voice overs.

Jim Carey, who played as Horton the Elephant, did an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained with his zany actions and reactions to the events and struggles Horton faced on his journey to give the Whos a safe place to live.

Steve Carell, who played as the Mayor Who, also had a superb performance in this movie. He adds his own, unique form of comedy that anyone who has seen his many works (especially The Office) have come to know and love.

The animation was spectacular – the models and the environment helped to better immerse you in the zany and unpredictable world of Dr. Seuss.


The plot of the movie was similar to that of the classic Seuss story. It expands in some places to lengthen the movie to a feature film length but does not take away from the original story’s adaptation. I felt that it was overall a high quality plot, incorporating the classic good-vs-evil theme into it.


The music was well-selected and helped to really make the movie a complete experience. Everyone needs a quirky end-sequence group song, right?


This is one great movie, and a much better one than The Cat in the Hat. I really hope that Blue Sky makes the next planned Seuss adaptations, since they seem to know just how the movies should be made!

That being said, it also takes a whole lot of time to complete an animated movie like this, so if Blue Sky is contracted again, the next Seuss masterpiece may take a while to get to theaters! It will be worth it though, don’t you think? =)


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