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One of my favorite cereals growing up was Lucky Charms. It had everything, the oats, fun shaped marshmallows, and Lucky the Leprechaun, what more would you need? Well obviously Lucky needs his gold…Bad!!! Like the leprechaun in the 1993 release of Mark Jones’s “Leprechaun”


The dialogue in this film was alright, not special, but kept the film well paced. Had some clever lines, such as the last line the kid says before he kills the leprechaun.


The acting in the film was average. The performances are fine, not excellent, but not awful by any means. It does feature the big screen debut of Jennifer Aniston of “Friends” fame.


The plot was clever and defiantly something that has not been done before. This is a well paced, well scripted film, and I think everybody can see the quality of that in this little wacky horror movie.


This music is alright, there was a nice touch of wacky Leprechaun type music in some spots, which I think helped the movie out.


Overall I would definitely have this in my collection. No a groundbreaking film, but not a flop either. Make sure you haven’t swallowed any of the Leprechauns gold!!! Check it out!!!

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