The Night Flier

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With my can on Slim Jims in one hand  and my 12 pack of Vanilla Coke in the other, I too often find myself standing in a ridiculously long line at the local grocery store. Ahead of me are older women who have their carts overflowing with a variety items that they may or may not ever use. Every now and then i pick up an edition of The National Enquirer, i know they stories are usually bizarre and strange but they do intrigue me. Another magazine that does so is The Inside View. Stories about zombies, aliens, and even Vampires are regular topics and the latter just so happens to be the main topics that the reporters are after in the 1997 release of Stephen King’s “The Night Flier.”

The stage is set up with Richard Dees ( played by Miguel Ferrer) being the veteran reporter at a magazine that features stories of the unbelievable, strange and unreal. When a lead comes up on possible vampire that attacks his victims around airfields, he quickly passes on it, and after the newbie, Katherine Blair (Julie Entwisle), starts cracking more light on the case, Dees quickly decides to jump back on it and the chase begins.

I thought this adaptation of King’s story from his book, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, was a surprisingly impressive one. It was easily able to keep me intrigued and hardly got dull in any moments. The transitions from location to location are smooth and they don’t feel rushed or out of place. Directed by Mark Pavia, the film really grabs a hold of the audience and doesn’t loosen up a bit.The acting shocked me as being one of the biggest positive things out of the film. Miguel handles the lead of the film EXTREMELY well and he is a very underrated actor. Julie Entwisle took the supporting role and ran with it. They both shined and never let down in their performances.

Overall, it seemed like the feel of the film reminded much of an HBO episode of Tales from the Crypt. I liked the filmed and i thought Miguel did an outstanding job. Totally will recommend this King Adaptation to any lover of his work as they will not be disappointed.

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