Trick ‘R Treat

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Halloween. A time when we have an excuse to act like a kid and dress up. Traditionally a holiday where kids go from house to house asking for candy in various costumes. Horror movies are seen regular on televisions all over the world and we just cant seem to get enough of the macabre. Skulls and Jack O’ Lanterns are symbols of the season,however; another tradition of Halloween dates back thousands of years. Human sacrifices were common then and if you were ever to break that tradition you may get visited by a demon or two. Meet Sam. Like the crew in the 2008 release of Michael Dougherty’s “Trick ‘R Treat.”

Going into this film i had good expectations. For a few years it has received praise for being the best horror film in years, and one of the best anthology films of all time. I never expected it however to be as amazing as it was. The way the film was setup, reminded me of “Pulp Fiction.” All of the stories were intertwined, and you’d see certain scenes and characters featured in one story in the background of another.

Glen MacPherson, the film’s cinematographer, did an outstanding job with the look of the film. It caught the real essence of the fall time and everything seemed to be just in place and very eerie looking to it all. Just like wine, time did this film justice and ever disappoints

Michael Dougherty did a superb job writing a well entertaining film that isn’t predictable at all. The stories were all very original, and they kept you in shock as the film reveals its twists and turns throughout. The acting was great as well. Dylan Baker was excellent as the Principal gone killer. Others that stood out to me were Britt Mckillip and Brian Cox.

This is a def. new film im going to watch every year at Halloween time. It’s one that you’ll never get tired of and always fun to go back try and to connect everything together. Michael Dougherty has stated that he plans to make a sequel, hell i say make a new one every year!

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