SquidFit: Get ripped in 3 weeks

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Squid Fitness is proud to announce its first weight training line – the Robert Downey Jr.’s Practical Pecs System. This state of the art fitness routine was developed in preparation of filming Iron Man 2, which recently came out in theaters across the world.

In a period of three weeks, Mr. Downey was able to put on 20 lbs of muscle with this amazing workout! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

According to his personal trainer, Downey pushed a heavy wheelbarrow around an obstacle course, swung sledgehammers, sand-filled firehoses, and more. It was a cost-effective and natural alternative to traditional weight training, and it had rapid success for Downey, who needed to buff up for his return in Iron Man 2.

I say well played sir. That’s a pretty dang sweet routine to get results like that in just three weeks. Who knows how big you could get if you worked out for a longer period of time? I say pretty big.

So…who’s ready to hit the weights?



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