Route 666

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Lou Diamond Phillips, Lori Petty, and Steve Williams. Three names you’d never think you’d see in a movie, let alone a horror flick. This little, and surprisingly unknown straight-to-DVD film does just that!


I liked the dialogue alot in the film. There is a nice balance of seriousness and humor, most of the time, you only get too much one one.


Every actor casted in this film fits each role perfectly. Anytime you have Lou Diamond as a lead, you know your gonna have a pretty good film on your hands. Steve Williams was a great comic relief as well.


This is one of the weakest areas in this piece. Its not an excellent plot, started out to become a great action flick, but that was not the case. Some problems later on in the storyline but overall a OK storyline.


This is the weakest area of this film. I felt no connection to the story through the music. The music is supposed to get you more involved in what is happening in the scene. Not one time did I feel any connection at all to any of it.

Final Verdict

Overall a decent flick, a good choice to just to pick up on a Saturday night if your bored. I say check it out and stay off the roads!!

3.5/5 Reels
Bronze Squid Rating
(Good Movie)

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