Paranormal Activity

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We’ve all heard ghost stories before. Whether it’s while sitting around the campfire, other people’s experiences, or even your own experiences. But When it comes to Demons…that’s another story.

I am a very STRONG believer in ghosts, Poltergeists and pretty much any kind of paranormal activities (movie title placement ftw). So naturally seeing the title “Paranormal activity” i thought, “WIN”. The problem is I didn’t know anything about the movie. Here it is October 24th and i have only known about the movie for literally 3 days. I did some background checking for the movie, Learned it was a mockumentary, Learned about the Demand it “game” i guess you can say, and notice this movie has gained ALOT of hype since it came out in 12 select cities back in September. Some mixed reviews kind of threw me off, but i thought, “Screw it, I’m going to go see it, skip the hype and reviews.” Boy, am I glad i did.

Sitting in the pretty much sold out theater, i could feel the excitement in the air. Yes i said excitement. I mean…it’s supposed to be the scariest horror movie in the decade according to the internet (thanks for lying internetz). Hell, even I was excited. I really didn’t have high expectations because i hadn’t really heard that much about it…so i went into the movie open-minded. Once the previews were over and the opening text appeared on the screen, People we’re like freakin’ school girls…with the giggling and all.

The movie was basically segmented; every 5-10 minutes. Most of the time this would be annoying…but it seemed to flow along quite nicely. It would have your daytime shots explaining what happened the night before; and the occasional Katie freaking out. Or my personal favorite, Micah pissing off the demon even though he knows what the demon is capable of, and Micah not caring and making a game out of it (way to fail Micah). Then it would have the night time shots. Which, in my opinion (and probably everyone elses) made the movie. Each night the attacks got more severe (most likely thanks to Micah…retard). The movie started off really slow in my opinion. We didn’t actually experience any “OH $#!T, WTF WAS THAT” moments until the last 30 minutes (movie was 1 hour 39 minutes long). Most horror movies now days you can pretty much expect what’s going to happen, but this movie…you didn’t know WHAT was going to happen. The last 20 minutes made my heart race and bite off more fingernails than i have in my entire movie-going life. The last scene, in my opinion, is the best ending to a horror movie ever. Ok not really…but it’s close.

If you have a movie that can deliver the nail biting, heart pounding, jumping out of your seat fun…especially in a span of 20 minutes…you know you’ve got a winner.

Now to answer some questions i have seen on the internet: 1) Scariest movie of the Decade? A: um…maybe…creepiest movie of the Decade? yes. 2) Blair Witch Project rip-off? A: hella lot better.

This movie made me think after i left the theater. This stuff actually happens. People are acutally haunted (or whatever you want to call it) by demons to where the Demons “want” them. This mockumentary proves it.

Overall, it has to be the Scariest movie of the year…decade, maybe. It’s definetly in my top 3 horror movies of all-time. the only thing that made this movie bad…and i mean the ONLY thing…would have to be the pace. You really don’t get into it until the last 30 minutes.


4/5 Reels

Golden Squid Rating

Check out the “Blair Witch” of this decade!!!




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