Twilight Zone: The Movie

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Sometimes we see, hear, and feel things that are so bizarre, so frightening, that they must be from an alternate reality, a different dimension. Perhaps the stories of four otherwise ordinary people encountering these events in The Twilight Zone. You’ll meet an angry bigot, a cheerful old man, an unusual little boy who befriends a wayward teacher, and a very anxious flyer during your travel through the rift between shadow and light


There were some great lines in all four segments, but I felt that some of the deepest dialogue came from the Stephen Spielberg short, which was a remake of the episode “Kick the Can”. In all, however, each segment was fairly strong and stayed entertaining throughout.


Besides unlikely and surprising cameo from Dan Aykroid, other notable cast members included Albert Brooks, Scatman Crothers, John Lithgow, Vic Morrow, and Kathleen Quinlan. Throughout the four segments, the acting was genuine and believable, giving you the impression that the actors were experiencing the supernatural in The Twilight Zone.

There was also a disaster while filming the first segment starring Vic Morrow, which was directed by John Landis. During shooting of a helicopter scene in the Vietnam war setting of the segment, pyrotechnics caused the helicopter to crash, decapitating Morrow and an illegally hired child actor. Another child actor in the scene was fatally wounded by the helicopter. It caused a large amount of controversy and ended the friendship between Spielberg and Landis.


There is a prologue and four segments that make up the movie:

The Prologue is a short scene with Dan Aykroid and Albert Brooks driving in the country, singing along to a cover of “Midnight Special”. The tape breaks and the two discuss their favorite Twilight Zone episodes. The car ride ends abruptly with a frightening event, and the Twilight Zone theme begins to play. Directed by John Landis.

Segment I is the story of an angry bigot who soon becomes the object of his own hatred as he is sent to Nazi Germany, the Jim Crow South, and Vietnam. John Landis directed and Vic Morrow was the lead role.

Segment II features Mr. Bloom, an elderly man who just moved in to the Sunnyvale Retirement Home. He offers the other residents a chance to enjoy their youth again through a magic game of Kick the Can. Stephen Spielberg directed and Scatman Crothers was the lead role.

Segment III is the tale of a unique little boy who has very powerful abilities and doesn’t know how to use them correctly. Joe Dante directed and Kathleen Quinlan was the lead role

Segment IV highlights John A. Valentine, a very anxious flyer that thinks the plane is being sabotage by a monster on the wings of the jet. George Miller directed and John Lithgow was the lead role.


The score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and was EXCELLENT! There’s also the classic Twilight Zone intro that is ubiquitous to every episode of the TV series.


The Twilight Zone Movie was a great throwback to the cult classic TV series of the late 60s. Even though the stories were adapted from the original series, They were very much entertaining and well executed. Overall I feel that this is one of the best anthology films I have ever viewed, along the lines of The Cat’s Eye and Creepshow 2. It’s definitely not too scary and will have you thinking what else could be lurking in…The Twilight Zone!

5/5 Reels
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This is a fantastic anthology film!



Twilight Zone – The Movie

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