SquidFlicks Friday the 13th Special Announcement


Happy Friday the 13th Squidflickians! You’ve gotten your lucky rabbit’s foot, you’ve steered clear of all of the mirrors in the house, and you are ready to embark on a trek or two to Crystal Lake (or Manhattan, Hell, and/or space). ESPECIALLY SPACE -Shelby 😀 Continue reading

SquidFlicks Thanksgiving 08 Special Preview

This is a re-post from last year that was pulled. Just for kicks! (We are planning some awesome new Thanksgiving stuff for this year!)

Well, since Turkey Day is coming up here in the US of A, Patrick and I thought it was only fitting to do a Thanksgiving Special since the Halloween special was cancelled at the last second. (sorry about that…)

The Thanksgiving special will be the video review of the Independent Film The Chemical King, which was produced by my cousin, Ellen Jones.

As a matter of fact, the review was filmed last night, and I think that it is the best video SquidFlicks has made yet. I hope to have the final cut up on the Internet by mid-week. There will be a new post to highlight the video!

See you around!

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Part 2 – Leprechaun Video Review


As the second part to the SquidFlicks St. Patrick’s Day Special, we have a special treat for you – a new episode of SquidFlicks Video Reviews! Episode 2 features Leprechaun and St. Patrick’s day festivities for the special! Enjoy! See part 1 if you missed it earlier; it features text reviews of the first four Leprechaun movies!

SquidFlicks Video Reviews Episode 2: Leprechaun/St. Patrick’s Day Special