SquidFlicks Psycho Mothers Day Movie Marathon

SquidFlicks-Movie-Marathon-logoThe second installment of the SquidFlicks Movie Marathon series is a special Mother’s Day episode featuring the Psycho movie series. Also featured is a special promo of an upcoming short film!

There are two parts to the marathon. Part one is the reviews from the SquidFlicks staff, and part two is reviews of the Psycho series from two SquidFlicks YouTube contributors, Jdog and Nicklert. I really appreciated their addition to the great marathon, and I hope you will too.

Part 1:


Part 2:

There are six videos from SquidFlicks Contributors Jdog and Nicklert. Check them out!

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Part 2 – Leprechaun Video Review


As the second part to the SquidFlicks St. Patrick’s Day Special, we have a special treat for you – a new episode of SquidFlicks Video Reviews! Episode 2 features Leprechaun and St. Patrick’s day festivities for the special! Enjoy! See part 1 if you missed it earlier; it features text reviews of the first four Leprechaun movies!

SquidFlicks Video Reviews Episode 2: Leprechaun/St. Patrick’s Day Special

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Bonus – Leprechaun Article from Tim Gross!


Here you go – a bonus and awesome submission for the SquidFlicks festivities this St. Patrick’s Day – an article from THE Tim Gross! Enjoy! This is a super SquidFlicks exclusive, and I have to thank Mr. Gross for his participation and Patrick for setting this up!

Be sure and stay tuned for the FINALE! Part TWO of the SquidFlicks St. Patrick’s Day Special is going live at 12:00 PM CST! See Part 1 if you have not already!

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