Never Giving Up – Once A Week Online Film Festival

SquidFlickians! I need your help this week – a film I was in has been accepted as an entry for the Once A Week Online Film Festival. For us to win an audience award, we have to get the largest number of likes, shares, retweets, pins, etc.

Please check it out and place your social media votes today using the links on the page. And more importantly, enjoy the movie! =)

Shelby Returns

I totally forgot to announce my return from my five week abscence! This is my official return post Squidflickians!

Upcoming in the next few days is the end of SquidFlicks Summer School – official announcement pending, currently classfied by the CDC.

Also under wraps is SquidFlicks 2.0, which hopefully will be live by SquidFlick’s birthday on October 31st!

Stay tuned! Regular reviews are coming back too!

Shelby’s on Fall Break now!

Hello, SquidFlickeans, Owner and Administrator of SquidFlicks here!

You all know me (I hope!) as Shelby, and Shelby is on Fall Break after 2:35PM CST! =D

I will be leaving for a week in Panama City Beach, and will be celebrating my birthday down there. I would also like to mention that it was during next week, on my birthday, October 7, that the idea for SquidFlicks was born. Patrick and I have a great party planned for the FIRST birthday of SquidFlicks! The first beta of the site came to life on October 17, and the domain and live launch of the site was October 31, Halloween!

More info on that bash soon!

Also, you can find out more about my vacation on my personal website –