Full Moon Fridays: Full Moon Cinematic Universe? 5 reasons why it could work.

10259720_10203610938892871_8737883809554651982_nIn 2008 Marvel started a firestorm with the release of the first film in their cinematic universe. In the years that followed Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, DC Entertaiment/Warner Bros., and recently announced Universal Studios have all followed suit to create shared universes that connect their respective properties, ranging from superheroes to classic monsters. Continue reading

SquidFlicks Friday the 13th Special Announcement


Happy Friday the 13th Squidflickians! You’ve gotten your lucky rabbit’s foot, you’ve steered clear of all of the mirrors in the house, and you are ready to embark on a trek or two to Crystal Lake (or Manhattan, Hell, and/or space). ESPECIALLY SPACE -Shelby 😀 Continue reading