Revelation Trail DVD Release Date Announced

Retail DVD Cover (US, CA)There is something so appealing when you take a Western setting and throw in some zombie carnage!  The story of “Revelation Trail” is an inspiring one to all independent filmmakers out there.  Shot in 20 days and on a budget of only $34,000 the film takes place “In the late nineteenth-century, a holy man known only as the Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) confronts unspeakable evil as a gruesome power consumes the frontier. Standing between ruin and salvation, he joins forces with the town Marshal (Daniel Britt), a man with his own set of demons, in a savage fight against the risen dead and the evils of the living. Along the way, the men discover which lines they’re willing to cross in the name of survival and witness the depths people reach through the power of belief — for good and ill alike.” Continue reading

Elm Street’s Last Brat Returns to Horror



“When the curtain rises, they die!”
A Mindwarp Entertainment Production

Tuesday Knight, star of “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master“, is returning to her horror roots twenty-five years later in a new short film entitled “Opening Night“.

Knight rose to fame playing Kristen Parker in the fourth installment of the famed Nightmare on Elm Street series in 1988. She has since gone on to have a successful career in television, movies, music and designing her own jewelry line.

Seems just like yesterday when I got the role as Kristen in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master,” Knight said. “I was running out of the New Line building so excited that I feel down their main staircase. But it didn’t matter, I was so excited to be starring in my first feature film.

I had work on television (Fame, General Hospital) but getting a feature is a big step in an actor’s life. Working on the set in some ways was a “Nightmare” in itself…getting pushed down into a pool of sand is not my idea of a dream job but it’s what we do for the love of the craft.

When we were filming this, I had seen the other films from the franchise but never thought that the fourth installment would have such a huge following. I guess it made me have a certain appreciation for horror, it’s what I have to thank for having a career in film.

A lot of people think that I have something against horror because most of my career has been in drama or comedy, but I actually love horror. So, when I got the call to do a cameo in Wes Craven’s “New Nightmare” I was so thrilled to go back and work with the people who made the original and the franchise what it is today.

The new film, “Opening Night” is about a theatre company led by Victoria Lawson (played by Knight) who are prepping to perform a cursed play on the anniversary of a local massacre.

The project is slated to begin production in Texas late July and will be released in time for the Halloween season via producer Carlos Corral at Mindwarp Entertainment.

Almost everyone has a love for horror films,” Corral said. “It’s the one genre that keeps both fans and filmmakers coming back for more. I’m excited that we get to work with cult-icon Tuesday Knight for our next horror project here in Texas.

Dakota A. Thomas, whose previous short films include “Repent” and “Don’t Look Under the Bed“, is helming this project as writer/director.

It is impossible for me to express the emotions that I am feeling going into this new project,” Thomas said. “I am a lifelong horror fan. I’ve always been a big fan of Tuesday’s work. I remember buying my VHS copy of “The Dream Master” and falling in love with Tuesday’s character and that soulful voice.

I’ve followed her career since then and thanks to the internet we’ve become virtual friends. It’s a very surreal experience that I now all these years later have the honor of working with her. She is a remarkable person. It’s very humbling for me that she has even considered this role and I can’t wait to share this with all the fans who have been demanding for her to return to horror.

Note worthy: Dakota designed the cover for Tuesday Knight’s 2012 C.D. “FAITH”. The plan for the short film is to use it as a springboard to make a feature version.

I guess coming back into horror and doing a part in “Opening Night” has me a little excited to come to something familiar and to the genre I personally love,” Tuesday Knight continued. “The script is so well written and character driven and is not a “typical horror” film. You actually get to love the characters. Dakota is a brilliant writer and a very talented director. I know everyone will love this as much as I do.

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Video Review: The Chemical King

Since it’s officially December, we decided to go ahead give all of you dedicated SquidFlicks fans out there an early Christmas gift. Now, even though it’s early, it’s still belated. We were suppose to debut these around this time last year. We were unable to post them because they are reviews of a film, that at the time, was in several film festivals. With no festivals in sight, we are proud to present, technically, the first filmed video review from us at SquidFlicks, as well as a companion video. Enjoy!

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