Unobtanium, the most precious and desired mineral in the entire known universe, is mined and sold from Pandora, a fantastic yet dangerous moon in the in the closest system to the planet Earth, the Alpha Centauri galaxy. A private company runs the mining operation on Pandora, and has both military and science personnel. Relations with the native population, the Na’vi, has been strained. A operation that allows humans to control a genetically-engineered Na’vi body, called an Avatar, are used to promote relations between the two races. Newcomer Jake Sully, a paraplegic, is recruited to join the Avatar program to replace his murdered twin brother. Since his DNA is similar to that of his brother’s, he will be able to use the Avatar body.

Once Jake Sully gets his legs back, he becomes torn between helping the company and helping the Na’vi, which complicates everything after the largest unobtainium deposit on Pandora is found to be under the Na’vi settlement. Continue reading

Weekend Box Office: Nov. 14-16

Big big weekend here folks – the much anticipated release of the latest 007 movie, Quantum of Solace led to big box office bank rolls! The movie had the highest number of tickets sold in the entire history of the franchise (which spans 4 decades). I hope to see this one soon myself!

Another high-roller for this past weekend was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which debuted last weekend. It finished with a little over half of last week’s total at $36.1 million.

Role Models finished over $10 million for another week, and HSM3 is STILL in the top 5! Madness!

Kudos to the top 5 for this weekend – and let’s see what happens next weekend!

Weekend Top 5:

Statistics are provided by Box Office Mojo

Weekend Box Office Nov. 14-16

Weekend Box Office Nov. 14-16

Weekend Box Office: Nov. 7-9

BIg numbers this weekend! The movie season is finally upon us – lots of big name films and franchises are gearing up and letting the floodgates of movies swing open! Just don’t drown!

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa raked in just over $63 million on its opening weekend, more than all the other top 5 weekend films put together! I myself enjoyed Madagascar, and I would like to see the sequel sometime soon.

Another opening film was Role Models, a movie about a man who has to mentor two very troubled kids. One is a huge dork, the other is a pain in the @ss! It also had a great start at $19.3 million.

HSM3 hangs in the top 5 for another week, almost earning another $10 million to its account. Other films left from last week were Changeling and Zack and Miri.

See you next week!

Weekend Top 5:

Statistics are provided by Box Office Mojo