Star Wars or The Dark Knight: The Greatest Summer Movie

Yahoo! Movies has been running a bracket-based tournament for the title of greatest summer blockbuster of all time. Naturally, the final match-up is between two juggernauts of film: Star Wars vs The Dark Knight. They have bested other summer classics like Independence Day, Jaws, Shrek, and Jurassic Park.

I think that both movie series certainly have their merits. Star Wars changed everything Hollywood knew about special effects and the so-called ‘limits’ of film, ushering the development of new technologies in the cinematic industry.

The Dark Knight on the other hand, completely revamped what a superhero movie should be. Gone are the days of campy, over-the-top cartoon heroes, and now we have a gritty, painful, and most importantly human concept of what a superhero really is. Never before had that occurred – superheros were regarded as perfect and flawless!

What I think it really boils down to is that this is a competition between two generations, two innovative directors, and two diverse fan bases. I think it’s a hard decision, but I think Star Wars wins just because it’s more established. I think that The Dark Knight trilogy will age like a fine wine and end up being held in the same esteem as Star Wars, but it is too soon in most people’s opinions.

Who did I vote for? The Dark Knight. I really loved that series, and I am not a huge comic fan. Star Wars was too easy because I am already a sucker for Sci-Fi. I believe in Harvey Dent!

Star Wars of course is running away with the lead, but there is still time to cast your vote. Today is the final day they will count! (5/31/2013)–vs—the-dark-knight—vote-to-decide-the-greatest-summer-movie-ever-213347697.html

Could Avatar SAVE the Oscars?

After the debacle caused from last year’s Oscars ceremony, where films like The Dark Knight, which grossed over 1.4 billion and was seen by hundreds of millions of people, was beat out by a limited-release, Milk, for best picture, things have not been looking too good for Hollywood’s most prestigious award.

Naturally, if all the movies, actors, and directors that people know about aren’t in the running for an award, then people aren’t going to watch the ceremony. That’s exactly what has happened for the decade since Titanic swept through the awards in 1998.

It seems like those tightwad ‘film buffs’ are finally seeing the light, but it had to come after a good punch in their wallet. The general public almost always likes the opposite of what so-called film critics like. I figure that being a film critic for The New York Times or <Insert Newspaper Here> to be the equivalent of paying someone to diss everything that appeals to the common man. The Dark Knight or Milk? That’s not a very difficult question for about 98% of the population!

However, Avatar is shaking things up. James Cameron’s last film was coincidentally one of the last good years to watch the Oscars. Can Avatar save the Oscars? With 9 nominations, it could run the tables for sure!

Maybe things will be better this year. I am willing to watch and find out. How about you?

Spider-Man 4 Lands Brilliant Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer

Spider-Man 4 is more reality than myth with the latest addition to the production staff. Many think that the entire series was derailed by a ‘weak’ third film. I personally enjoyed the third, but my favorite Spider-Man was the second with Doc Ock.

Hopefully this new writer and the same star cast from the previous three movies will be enough to make Spider-Man 4 a hit.

Lindsay-Abaire, who won a Pulitzer in 2007 for his drama “Rabbit Hole,” is in final negotiations to write “Spider-Man 4” for Columbia.
Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are back as director and star, respectively, as are series producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad. Kirsten Dunst also is expected to return for the latest movie featuring the Marvel Comics

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