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SquidFlicks was founded on the premise that video is a passion. We write all of our reviews, posts, and film our skits, marathons, and just about anything else with a genuine love for creating and reviewing the cinematic world we live in. Just because we are passionate doesn’t mean that our reviews are the end-all and be-all opinions. In fact, we love to receive contributions from SquidFlicks readers and other reviewers. You are more than welcome to submit reviews for films we don’t have, post a critical analysis of the film world in general (think op-ed pieces), or even post a rebuttal review!

What will you get for your efforts?

You won’t go unrewarded!

If we accept your review, your name will be credited on the the review itself, and you will be added to the “guest authors” category in the legendary SquidFlicks Hall of Fame.

If we really love your contribution, you could be invited to be a staff member!

Legal disclaimer:

A staff position is not guaranteed, and reviews may not be immediately published. If a review does not meet our standards of quality (eg. excessive profanity/inappropriate or off-topic subjects) we do not have to publish it. We are more than happy to attribute your name to the review, and even an email address if you so wish. We do not pay for guest articles. We also don’t pay our staff because we don’t have the money and this website is largely a hobby for us. 

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