Little Miss Nerd Chef teams up with SquidFlicks for future content


Two things that go hand in hand are movies & food!  More times than none we find ourselves with a bowl of popcorn or a box of pizza as we fill our minds with movie magic. We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Little Miss Nerd Chef to add some tastiness to our future content! Learn more about our newest friend after the jump!
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SquidFlicks Friday the 13th Special Announcement


Happy Friday the 13th Squidflickians! You’ve gotten your lucky rabbit’s foot, you’ve steered clear of all of the mirrors in the house, and you are ready to embark on a trek or two to Crystal Lake (or Manhattan, Hell, and/or space). ESPECIALLY SPACE -Shelby 😀 Continue reading

Indie Slasher EASTER SUNDAY Releases Teaser Trailer & Music Video

As Easter quickly approaches, Northgate Pictures is proud to present the official teaser trailer for Easter Sunday. A gory love letter to the golden era of slasher movies, the indie film is written and directed by Jeremy Todd Morehead and stars horror legends Robert Z’Dar and Ari Lehman. Continue reading