Neill Blomkamp is taking on big studios

Neill Blomkamp is a director I really enjoy following. He is an accomplished SFX editor, screenwriter and director, and now after a swoon with big name studios, he’s gone back to his roots of short films and independent productions. If you don’t know Neill, he’s the director responsible for District 9, Elysium, and Chappie – All distinct, dystopian sci-fi thrillers.

The greatest challenge – funding. Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has produced some very District 9-esque shorts, full of situational terror and gritty effects, but that level of quality and polish comes at a cost. According to Blomkamp, it’s taken millions of his own dollars to get the first volume of content off the ground.

He’s trying to make the studio viable without having to sell out, and that’s probably the greatest threat to the creative process that any artist fears. I think if anyone could pull it off, it’s Blomkamp. He’s got the chops and the storytelling ability, and he’s created a community of other ‘makers’ to help expand his stories and creations. Hopefully Oats Studios can be a trailblazer for a new ‘Hollywood’ – one where one’s creation and innovation can stand apart from old money and rigid IP control.

Check out the full article from Inverse here:

SquidFlicks turns 7


In an unrelated note, I turn 23. SquidFlicks is old. I am older. Thanks for all the fun, peeps.

As for birthday content – nobody cares when you turn 23. Not even Taylor Swift. She stopped counting at 22.

As a fresh faced 7-year-old, SquidFlicks will face new challenges, like the reduction in nap time and the possibility of losing recess. There will also be more movies to review, and a huge queue of unfinished content to attend to.

As a decrepit 23-year-old, I will face a quarter-life crisis and refuse to reach age-appropriate developmental milestones, forever embracing my inner child. God help us both.

In more positive news:

It’s October, that magical time of year – Halloween is just around the corner. You know what that means, right? The big sweepstakes!*

Just make sure you purchase items with the SquidFlicks logo, and tune in on the 31st for the drawing. I think we’re all going to be big winners this year….

*there isn’t a sweepstakes, but we’ll try and get some stuff done. =)