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The Story

As a cool side-project, I, Shelby Jones, along with my good friend and fellow movie lover Patrick Farmer, decided to create SquidFlicks. Like just about any other website in the Omega Squid Network (there are exceptions!), The site has a reference to ‘squid’ in it, to match the Omega Squid brand! It’s also pretty catchy and unique, if I do say so myself! =)

SquidFlicks is a place where we place all of the movies and TV series that we have watched (too many to count), and we write our own reviews to reflect on how well we thought the films were made. We also added features so that you can share your own opinions on the movies.

Enjoy the site, and feel free to leave us comments and suggestions on the contact page or on specific posts.

The Staff

Permanent Staff

Shelby Jones – Admin, Editor, and Author; Owner of Omega Squid Studios, founder of SquidFlicks and the Omega Squid Network. Shelby enjoys the comedy and action genres, and is the poster of site news. He writes other special columns like Creature Features.

Patrick Farmer – Editor and Author; Owner and Director of Horrorhut Productions an independent film studio, produced by Omega Squid Studios. Patrick posts about thrillers, horror, and independent films.


Dakota Thomas – Author; Dakota is a Director and fellow movie enthusiast. Some of his projects have been highlighted on SquidFlicks. Dakota is fond of the horror movie genre, and is rarely seen at SquidFlicks; he’s always working on a new film!

Ricky Holdman – Author; Ricky has contributed guest reviews in the past and has also been a part of the SquidFlicks Movie Marathon since the first episode. Ricky reviews a lot of sci-fi and comic-based movies.

Brandon Carter – Author; Brandon joined the SquidFlicks team in early 2009 after submitting a guest review of the hit Twilight. He adds insight and reviews of literature-based movies to the site. You can also find him at his blog.

Stephanie Sikes – Author; Stephanie joined the SquidFlicks team in early 2009 and has participated in the SquidFlicks Movie Marathon series. She adds a much needed feminine touch to the site with her reviews of romantic, drama, and ‘chick’ flicks.

Pat Gunning – Author; Pat joined the SquidFlicks team in the summer of 2013!

Lauren Wheeler – Author; joined the SquidFlicks team in the summer of 2013!

You! – Author; Become a guest author today and you might just become the next staff member at SquidFlicks! See the page for more info!

The Site

SquidFlicks is a movie review blog that is powered by the excellent, free and open source blogging software called WordPress.

SquidFlicks is funded by donations and relevant advertising. If you would like to advertise on SquidFlicks, please use the form on the contact page.

SquidFlicks is an Omega Squid Network website. The Future is Squid, don’t you forget it.