The Monster Squad

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Growing up as a kid I watched a lot of scary movies. Mostly the Universal Studios Monsters films, like Dracula, Wolf man, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Mummy. I would play in my backyard like I was a monster hunter and pretended that I would fight these monsters like the kids in the 1987 release of Fred Dekker’s “The Monster Squad.”


The dialogue in this film was very well written, and never got off track on pointless things. The humor in the film caught me off guard and was quite funny.


The acting was pretty well in this one. Andre Gower led the “Monster Squad” group of kids and was a very convincing leader. He brought a sense of urgency to the role which, sense time was a factor, worked very well. Ducan Regehr, also starred in the “V” miniseries, plays one of the best Dracula(s) I’ve seen in the modern era of Horror.


The plot is a great old school 80s setup. I loved the story so much, it definitely is one that you can’t not like.


The music was pretty average, it was good and helped establish certain scenes, but nothing too special. One of the only flaws in this otherwise flawless feature.


Overall this film is a great, fun film to watch and I highly recommend you own the DVD.

4/5 Stars
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