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As the Holiday Season has just passed, I was able to do something I love to do, make gingerbread men. My problem is I can never get a good mixture of ingredients, the cookies are never good. Maybe I need to get the mix which was used in the 2005 release of Charles Band’s “The Ginger Dead Man.”


The dialogue is pretty cheesy at times but not dull or boring at all. Written by Domonic Muir, who also wrote “Critters” and William Butler, who wrote “Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5”.


To tell you the truth, I was pretty impressed with the acting in this one. I mean this is a hard thing to act to, a killer cookie!! Gary Busey adds great experience to this wacky film, and you also see new stars in the making I’m sure. Robin Sydney, Alexia Aleman, Ryan Locke, and Daniela Melgoza are names to watch for down the road.


I Absolutely love the plot, Classic Full Moon material right here. Clocking in at about only 1Hr and 11mins, I really think the plot could have been extended so some of the things wouldn’t have seemed as rushed but overall a great storyline.


This is definitely the weakest area of the film. It had the wacky Full Moon sounding theme, which was played throughout the film and adds to the wackiness of the flick.


Again classic Full Moon Material right here. I love this, a most own for me, and I’m SO eager for the sequel, “Ginger Dead Man 2: Passion of the Crust, due out in March.

3.5/5 Reels
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Rent it, buy it if you like it, decent movie.


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