Cabin Fever

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Well since I’m completely against the whole “Splat Pack” group, I was hesitant to watch one of the members first film, “Cabin Fever”. Eli Roth, director oh “Hostel” and “Hostel 2” wrote and directed this surprisingly good film.


The dialogue was pretty well, but some spots I thought could be better. Some was just in there to be in there and it could have been removed without taking any from the story.

Ryder Strong’s performance was excellent, sadly I can’t say the same about some of his co-stars. I guess all those years on “Boy Meets World” really played off. Overall the cast was a great group of actors.

I was really surprised by the originality of the film. You notice many similarities of this film to that of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Evil Dead”. I love the fact that you never know exactly where it (the disease) came from. Do I hear sequel?


I thought the music in this movie was superb. You get a great vibe from it. It’s put together very nicely, and has its own style compared to the style of the scene.

Final Verdict

I don’t care if you HATE Eli Roth, check this film out, you’ll love it. A classic for sure.

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