Graveyard Shift

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Life is full of filth that you can never get rid of. whether it be a crooked boss, a backstabbing friend, or a guy who just likes to start crap. One word comes to mind when I think of all the "filth" I’ve dealt with throughout my life, rat. Rats have no purpose but to steal our food, infest our homes, AND take our lives like in the 1990 release of Stephen King’s "Graveyard Shift."


Written John Esposito (Masters of Horror – Right to Die) the dialogue in the film was average. There really wasn’t enough dialogue throughout the movie, even though there was a lot in the film. It never really seemed to progress the movie in a forward way. It describe the emotions and what was happening then but as far moving the film along, it doesn’t do that.


The acting in the film had its highs and its lows. David Andrews played a decent drifter who came to a run down town to find a job; However, I thought he wasn’t comfortable in the role enough where he made it his own. A prime example in making the role their own is with Brad Dourif. Dourif (Voice of Chucky) played the role of the exterminator, and you could clearly see the wacky, unique style in the character that Brad brought to it when we first see him. Kelly Wolf really was a let down here to me. Her attempt at playing Hall’s love interest, I suppose, failed to live to a believable performance.


The plot was a very very unique one. A textile mile that becomes infected with rats, and dead bodies start appearing, is a tough one to adapt. I loved the story, and for most it’s either going to be a hit or a miss, as far as if you like it or not. Its not one to be taken seriously, but shouldn’t be taken as a comedy as well.


The music was very generic in this film. Nothing really special is found here from composers Brian Banks and Anthony Marinelli, except the catchy bit in the closing credits of the film. That little bit of composition made up for the whole films flawed music.


Overall I enjoyed this film. Its length (1hr 18min) was an issue in my eyes, and i thought it could have easily been a 2 hour film, based on the material of the story. Sadly for me this is one of the lesser Stephen King adaptations;however that won’t keep me from telling people to go and see it. Its a fun film to watch, and I give kudos to Brad Dourif for a stellar performance.

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