Stockholm Syndrome

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Growing up in a small town my whole life, I’ve yearned for the big city life – Just to be around different people and places would be an amazing experience for me. I don’t think of all the possible dangers that would be waiting for me out there. For instance, who knows when you might be in the eyes of a kidnapper, and could very well be his next victim? If that was the case, then it’d like the unknowing couple in the 2008 release of Ryan Cavalline’s Stockholm Syndrome.


Written by the director, Stockholm Syndrome’s had great dialogue. I enjoyed the pace of the film; even with a few lengthy sequences. I was glad to see that those sequences weren’t plagued with the the f-bomb being used 10 times in a sentence, like other independent films I’ve seen in the past.


I was VERY impressed with the acting in this film. I was able to notice a few actors I saw in another independent film at Fright Night Film Fest back in 2007. Todd Humes is an actor who I MUST give kudos to. This guy can act; he pulled off a hell of a performance in this film as well as the one I saw him in at Fright Night (Chasing Darkness). Overall all the whole cast seemed to give a perfect performance. From a disturbed priest to a estranged husband, everybody did a great job.


The plot was very nice as well. It seemed similar along the lines of Hostel, but wasn’t a complete knock off. I enjoyed this very much, and it was interesting seeing the different characters’ true natures and feelings develop in the film. I loved the gore – there wasn’t an excessive amount, but when there was some it was pretty extreme, which is ALWAYS a plus.


The scores present in this film were excellent. I loved the music in it, it TOTALLY helped set the right mood for the appropriate scenes. Whoever composed it NEEDS needs to get more work, because he is a very talented composer!


Overall, The Stockholm Syndrome was a VERY entertaining film. I was pleased to see this come out of the independent world, which has been taking a beating here lately. I can’t wait to see more original work from Mr. Cavalline in the near future, he’s a talented talented guy! Kudos All Around!!!

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