Gone The Way Of Flesh

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A trend that tends to reoccur every few decades is the cycling of film genre popularity. The 80s and 90s had an emphasis on action films while monster/Sci-Fi films dominated the 50s and 60s.

A particular genre that I happen to like a lot seems to be making a slight comeback – the exploitation films of the 70s. Frank Henenlotter has strived to bring back this unique type of film in the modern age. It’s good to see other people helping the cause, with the 2007 release of Gone The Way Of Flesh being a prime example.


The dialogue in the feature was average, but had some creative highlights. There really wasn’t a whole lot to begin with in the first place, but most of it seemed true to the genre and style of the character delivering it. I really was impressed by which some of the dialogue sequences were conducted, considering they didn’t really have a legit script to follow.


The acting in the film was probably the weakest area overall in my opinion. There were a few believable performances in the film – don’t get me wrong – but those performances came mainly from roles of lesser importance to the story. Better acting would have definitely made the film more enjoyable.


Personally, I loved the whole idea of Gone The Way Of Flesh. It had a nice 70s feel to it, and is sure to capture the hearts of any exploitation fan out there. I only wish there was more detail on the detective, his past, and just how much of a dirty cop as he’s played to be. I did get bored with the concert-type moments – they were just too long at times. I’m not against using footage like that, but I think it would have been better if during these scenes they progressed the story somehow.


All of the music in the film was provided by the Jason Martinko Revue. It is billed as Rock, but seemed more like an indie style to me. Its always great (and a rare) to come across original music used in a film that doesn’t sound like crap. I thought that since the film was used to promote the band more than for the sake of making a film, the music was put to a good use.


Overall this film isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s still a great choice to just sit down with your friends and enjoy. As it was said in the making of this film, the creators wanted a way to get their music into the homes of as many people as they could, and with Gone The Way Of Flesh, I think they accomplished that goal. For guys who used camcorders, no script, and friends/girlfriends as actors, they didn’t do a bad job! Kudos!

2.5/5 Reels
Dying Squid
Rent, but check it out to support Indy Horror!



Gone The Way Of Flesh

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