The Howling

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I love vacations, time for you to relax with your loved ones, and get your mind off of stressful things. The worst thing that can happen on a vacation however is when you find more stress there, then you did back home. This is exactly the case in the 1981 release of Joe Dante’s “The Howling”.


The dialogue makes the film, period. You can understand the full amount of emotion each person is feeling based on the intensity of their dialogue. Pretty well written, smart and top notch.


The acting was pretty good. Dee Wallace Stone led a cast that really, in my eyes, had no flaws. Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan were also apart of this great cast.


The plot is great in my eyes. Based on the 1977 book, by the same name written by Gary Brandner. This story wastes no time picking up with the action. Right off the bat we get the whole serial killer incident, excellent.


One of the weakest areas of this otherwise superb film. There was not really any overwhelming greats scores that I could remember, but who knows.


Overall this a classic werewolf film, easily top ten ever. Make sure you get the full info on your next vacation spot, before it’s too late!!!

4.5/5 Reels
Gold Squid Award
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