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My Dream car, a 2001 Pontiac Firebird, I’ve always wanted one. To me it’s the ultimate man’s car and just looking at it you can feel the power in it. You can’t feel that kind of power in everyone’s dream car though, but you sure can FEEL the power in Arnie Cunningham’s dream car, like in the 1983 release of John Carpenter’s “Christine”.


The dialogue is what you’d expect high school students to be talking. Bill Phillips, who went on to write the Jack Reed TV movies, wrote the screenplay based off of Stephen King’s Novel. Overall decent dialogue throughout the film, but nothing too special.


To me the acting went pretty well. Keith Gordon does an excellent job portraying a geeky kid who gets massive revenge on his bullies. John Stockwell, who directed the 2006 release of “Turistas”, plays a friend who tries to get Arnie back on the right track. As far as Alexandra Paul, well all I got to say is that she went on to be on “Baywatch” for 5 years, enough said.


The plot is ok, if you’re a King fan your going to love this film, but if you’re not a fan then you might not like this. 50/50 on this one folks, as for me, I’m a die hard King fan and loved this movie.


The music in this film was superb!! Music was composed by John Carpenter, who was also the director, which is an astonishing composer. Great eerie sounds add much emotion to the film.


Overall verdict for the film is that it’s a great one to own, but lacks in areas. I’d Def. buy this; make sure you check the radio system in your “dream car” before buying.

4/5 Reels
Gold Squid Award

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