Dumb and Dumber

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Dumb and Dumber


When Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) meets a vexing young woman while he drives her to the airport, he decides that he has found the woman of his dreams, Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), and the briefcase that she ‘left’ behind. He convinces his friend and roommate, Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) that they should go to Aspen, California (or Colorado, your choice) to find new opportunities, get out of Rhode Island, and deliver Mary’s forgotten briefcase. They set off on their journey with absolutely no idea how to get to Aspen and have many run-ins with locals and the criminals that want the ransom money in the briefcase.

When its all over and done with, the day is saved by these two clueless boobs!


The dialogue in the film was superb. Every word became funny just because it was coming out of the mouths of Lloyd and Harry. The jokes were hilarious, as well as the duo’s stupid comments and sheer ignorance to just about anything


Jim Carey, who is not only funny with words, helped to really make this movie hilarious. After a while you began to wonder if Carey was really as stupid as Lloyd! Lots of physical humor mainly consisting of facial expressions and props by both Carey and Daniels proved to be side-splitting and relentless entertainment.


The plot of Dumb and Dumber was actually quite good. It contained many staples of the modern cinema feature: Action, Good vs. Evil, and Love. Even though the basic ideas weren’t new or ground-breaking, the way that they were acted out by the two dim-witted pals made it seem like it was one of a kind. To this day, the only other movies I can relate Dumb and Dumber to are the Austin Powers Trilogy, which is another bunch of classic comedy features!


The music in Dumb and Dumber was well chosen for the action and were very well known songs. It made the entire experience feel more personal because of the superb musical selections.


This is one of the very best comedies as of today, and by far Jim Carrey’s best work. If you have not seen this movie yet (it was released in 1994), then you have really missed out on a classic; As Lloyd Christmas might say, “You are such a pathetic loser!”

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