YouTube breaks radio’s heart

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YouTube has recently enacted a new copyright policy that differs from their usual routine of deleting uploaded user videos. In fact, one might say it’s even worse: they are removing the audio of videos that included copyrighted  and commercial music. That comprises of a very LARGE amount of videos that face audio removal, from parodies to family videos!

Once again the music industry is making matters worse for their consumers. The free publicity offered by all the fans using their favorite artists’ music in their own personal and expressive videos will soon be no longer.

I understand that using a clip of a commercial song in a video without explicit permission is against copyright law, but why is the RIAA targeting Joe Schmoe and his family home videos? Come on.

This could be bad news for YouTube reign on internet video uploading, and the consequences of this oppressive new copyright measure could very well spread to other video sharing sites. A great way to start off a new year on the Internet, that’s for sure.


Watch ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, folks. What do you think about the latest move from YouTube? Tell us below!

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  1. RIAA needs to suck it.
    Seriously, it’s one of the worst organizations in the country.
    Copyright protection? Yes, because I’m trying to steal someone’s work when I use it as a BG track in my video.

    Lord. =\

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