Blood Diner

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This is a guest review from jdog, aka Jason Beckman. Thanks for the submission Jason!

Director: Jackie Kong
Writer: Micheal Sonye

  • Rick Burns
  • Carl Crew
  • Roger Dauer
  • Lanette Lafrance
  • Lias Guggenheim

Release Date: July 1987 (USA)
Run Time: 88 min
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Tag Line: First they greet you, then they eat you.


Blood Diner is a weird horror/comedy that focuses on two brothers, Micheal Tutman (Rick Burns), George Tutman (Carl Crew), and their wacky, serial killer uncle, Anwar Tutman (Drew Goggars). (Who is, as I should also add, just a brain with eyes in a jar.)


The wacky trio go about trying to resurrect an ancient Lumerian goddess by the name of Sheetar. In order to complete this task they must collect and stitch together various body parts from different immoral women that they kill off in hilarious and over the top ways.

Once they have completed this they must then find a virgin for Sheetar to eat as part of a sacrifices called a "blood buffet". Add to this film two moron detectives trying to track the brothers and stop the mayhem and you have a real fun 80’s movie.

If you like films by Herschell Gordon Lewis such as Blood Feast, then you will enjoy this.
For me it was an enjoyable watch filled with blood and nudity and a few really funny scenes. I recommend this movie to all horror fans and think it is a must see for fans of cheese films from the 80’s.

3/5 Reels
Squid Rating
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Blood Diner (VHS)

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