I am Legend

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I Am Legend


3 years after the miracle cure for cancer is developed, less than 1% of the human population is still alive. The cure contained a modified virus that mutated, and turned its host into a vampiric monster that preys on others in the darkness. The disease spread quickly, and almost every person in the world was either killed or turned into one of the monsters.

Set in the year 2012, I am Legend is the story of how Robert Neville (Will Smith) spent his last 3 years of life in New York City trying to find the cure to the kv virus. Every day he forages for food and signals by radio for other survivors. He is safe as long as he gets home before sundown…


There was not much dialogue in this movie, since Neville was on his own. He often would talk to his dog, Sam, and the assorted mannequins that he had set up across town. His social skills are somewhat lacking after 3 years with no human contact, as you see from his reactions to a couple of fellow survivors.

For what conversation and dialogue that did take place, it was informative and helped the viewer to better understand the situation. Robert Neville tells the story from his own point of view, and you see everything that he sees.


Once again Will Smith has performed top-notch in his seventh straight blockbuster and record breaking film, I am Legend. The scenes were acted out so well that it seemed like all the events that took place happened in real time.


The plot for this movie was excellent. Though orignally based on the book of the same title, I am Legend focuses more on a highly dangerous virus that wipes out all life on the planet. Robert Neville dedicates the rest of his life to finding the cure, and then defending it.

What makes this movie so special is the fact that it is eerily realistic. The contributing factors that caused the virus all exist in the real world. We never know when something we think we have control over will escape and run free, causing catastrophic damage. As Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park once said: “Life will find a way.”


The music in I am Legend was phenominal. It was very suspensful and helped add to the already awesome viewing experience. It makes you feel like you were there with Neville the whole time.


This is a superb movie. I am sorry that I didn’t get to see it when it originally debuted, but I did still manage to catch it on the big screen. As soon as this comes out on DVD, I am going to buy it!

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