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This is the first review from SquidFlicks author Stephanie Sikes!


A fierce competition between two high school cheer squads brings up another rivalry; one of race. Allegations of stolen routines and fights between the two schools leads to their face-off for the cheer championship. With only one chance to prove who’s the best once and for all, it’s time to bring it on!


Don’t get me wrong, I did get a little hyped when I was watching this movie for the first time, but seriously…I was like 8 or 9 years old. At that age it was appealing because cheerleaders were so cool. However, after eight years of hearing the clever cheers and watching the same movie over and over again at girly get-to-gathers, I am about sick of it all.

Watching this movie in 2008 helped me to see the light. The acting was good; and I only say this because I know it was how it was intended to be. However, the dialogue and plot are just cliché and cheesy. Most high schools don’t even have cheer-bitches, nor do they even compete. I guess you could say it makes for good entertainment though, but for a limited audience.

I often see people watching this movie over and over again. Even to this day, it gets brought up in discussions with some really good movies. I’m just wandering what all the hype is about? For Preteens this is a good choice. But for everyone else…seriously, GROW UP! This movie isn’t even inspiring in a since of reality. In fact, for this reason, I’ve decided not to watch the sequels. I don’t recommend this movie.

2/5 Reels
Dying Squid Rating
Good for Cheer fans, bad for everyone else!



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